The Andersons Retail Stores Closing: Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers
About the Closing of The Andersons Retail Stores

We have received many questions regarding the impending closure of The Andersons Retail Stores. We have prepared the following Q&A in hopes of answering these questions. As we work through this transition we will be updating this list as we receive additional questions. 


1) What stores are closing?

The Andersons will close all four its retail stores: the Maumee store, the Toledo store on Talmadge Road, the stores on Brice Road and Bent Tree Boulevard in Columbus.

2) When are the stores closing?

The stores will be operational through Spring 2017, with a target closing date of the end of May. Our typical assortment of plant material as well as lawn and garden supplies will be available this Spring.

We encourage our customers to follow our ongoing promotions and inventory liquidations via our normal advertising venues (newspaper, radio, TV, website, social media).

3) What will happen to special orders?

Any special orders placed before the announcement will be fulfilled. Special orders will continue to be taken through March 15, 2017 with payment in full.

4) What can I do with my gift card and/or my store credit?

Our stores have stopped selling gift cards, however we encourage customers to redeem any gifts cards previously purchased before the stores close this Spring.

5) Can I return items I purchased?

Yes. The Andersons will continue to accept returns under its normal return policy through March 18, 2017. After this date, no returns will be accepted without a receipt. Returns with receipt will be accepted anytime if the purchase was made before April 1, 2017. Beginning April 1 all sales will be final on purchased goods.

6) Can I continue to use The Andersons credit card?

Yes. The credit card will be accepted through March 31, 2017. The Andersons credit card earned rewards certificate will be accepted through the closing of the store with any form of accepted tender.

Cash and credit only after April 1, 2017. No checks after April 1. 

7) Will the Senior Shopping Day promotion, which runs the first Tuesday of every month, remain?

The Senior Shopping Day promotion is scheduled to run the first Tuesday of February and March. There will be no scheduled Senior Shopping Day promotions in April and May.

8) Will The Andersons food recipes be made available to the public?

No. They are proprietary.

9) Your stores are always busy. Why do you have to close them?

During the past eight years, the Retail Group has incurred pre-tax losses in excess of $20 million. During that time, we closed three stores and invested in the others in hopes of maintaining this segment of our business. Unfortunately, these changes did not provide the lift our stores needed. The number of customers that shop our stores has continued to decline and, given current consumer buying habits, we expect this downward trend will continue. We would have preferred to be able to see a path to profitability in our future.

10) How can you say The Andersons is a strong company if you closed your stores?

The Andersons is a diverse public corporation with five business segments. In addition to our Retail Group, we’re also involved in ethanol production, railcar leasing and repair, plant nutrient manufacturing and distribution, and grain merchandising and handling. These other business units are strong and growing and have enabled the company to keep our stores open even as retail profits continued to slip.

11) Are you doing anything for your employees?

Eligible employees will receive severance packages and access to outplacement services to help them in their career transitioning. We also will be reviewing all current openings throughout the company and will be giving consideration to Retail employees who may be qualified for the open roles. While our goal is to retain as many employees as possible, we know we won’t have a place for everyone. Our top priority now is to assist our employees in their career transition. We are thankful to the numerous companies from the Toledo and Columbus areas that have contacted us regarding potential employment opportunities for our employees.

12) Will The Andersons continue to donate to charitable organizations?

Our long-standing commitment to the Toledo community and to the other communities in which we operate remains unchanged.

13) What will happen to the House of Meats?

We have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with K&J House of Meats, which has operations in each of our four stores. House of Meats is looking at options.


Please see the Customer Service Desk at our store locations for any further questions and information.